Current Listing of Contributing Artists

PAPB as of 02/14/2020 Contributing Artists (91)





Andrea Candlin
Adrienne Aaronson
Andres Lopez
Barbara O’Connell
Barry Freedman
Bob (AR) Coningsby
Carmen Santo
Carolyn Barth
Carolyn Moscato
Connie Hanselman
Connie Leibowitz
Dagmar Kvidera
Daryn Finkelstein
Dee Utasi
Diane Hagg
Donna Snowden
Eileen Engel
Ellen Postrel
Frances Lynn
Gehe Ding
Gretchen Cocuzza
Holly Austin
Ivette LaManna
Jane Meslin
Janet Keller
Janet Onofry
Joane Tebaldi
Judy Williams
June Knopf
Kathleen Denis
Lester Salazar
Linda Fleischman
Lynn Decker
Lynn Rhodes
Manny Jomok
Marilyn Liedman
Mary Mirabito
Muriel Wasserman
Noelle McCarthy
Pamela Giarratana
Ralph Papa
Sheila Wolff
Steve Nash
Susan Ginter
Ted Matz
Yu Wang





Al Biegel
Anna LaRosa
Barbara (Bobbie)Kennedy Bette Coningsby
Brenda Gordon (10)
Caroline Gantz
Carolyn Covert
Charlotte Maloney
Chris Kling
Connie Kerwick-Kearns (20)
Dale Gary (Stryker)
David Huebsch
Diane Hohhman
Diane Hutchinson
Donna Walsh (30)
Elaine St George
Estelle Loud
Fred Weiss
Grace McGann
Gurukirn Khalsa (40)
Hali Layton
James Sechiano
Jane Sither
Janet Kohler
Joan Therien (50)
Joyce Prigot
Julia Stevens
Karen Thornton
Kathryn Barry
Linda Apriletti (60)
Lorrie B. Turner
Lynn Peterson
VManon Sander
Margaret Merkow
Mary Lynch (70)
Mary Lou Pults
Nancy Lee
Pam Dailey
Pati Maguire
Ruth Weiss (80)
Stan Dornfest
Susan Archer
Susan M. List
Thomas Sullivan
Wendy Jones(90)


More information about PAPB Artists

Contributing Artists support the mission of Plein Air Palm Beach. Anyone is welcome to paint with us, all paint-outs are scheduled via the meetup site. Unless otherwise noted only contributing artists are eligible to participate in PAPB shows and exhibits. Contributing artists are listed above and are highlighed on the website.

If your want to become a Contributing Artist or make a donation click the this link

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