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Plein Fun Fest
is very pleased to have
Violeta de la Serna
as Awards Judge for
Saturdays' Painting Fest


Violeta de la Serna

Brief Biography

Former “Gallerista”, PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine´s Integrated Marketing Manager, Violeta de la Serna, easily sees more than 50 arts shows, fairs, festivals and independent exhibitions in a year. As a teen, she knew after her first gallery show that she wanted to work in the business of Fine Art.

After studying Art Critique at the Florence Academy of Art and Architecture in Italy she began working “in the business” as an Art Consultant. Over the last 13 years Violeta has been a Gallery Director, Auctioneer, Corporate Art Advisor, Curator and Artist Manger has worked in leading Art Markets like NY, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

As a contemporary enthusiast, collector and arts reporter, Violeta closely follows the leading trends in art. Annual Art Sales Reports are pleasure reading and she believes that collecting is of the utmost importance; for with out Patrons, we are will be danger of loosing culture and social growth.