Paint-Out with Critique, Plein Air Competition &
Paint the Beach for FUN!!

February 1-3, 2019 Delray Beach

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Plein Fun Fest is incorporating our regular program of painting out and group critique into the weekend. From November to May we paint once a week. At the end of each session we gather together for a group critique. It is a great way for artists to socialize, have fun and learn from one another. Manny Jomok has been running this program for PAPB and is the chair person for this event. We will be painting in the morning and then having the critique in the Field House along with a buffet lunch exclusively for registered PFF-Paint-Out Artists and Volunteers. Your guests may join the lunch for $10 each.



PLEIN FUN FEST Friday Paint-Out Participating Artists

As soon as the list of participating artists is ready it will be posted here..



CRITIQUING ART - this is the general format we use for the group critique.

Some helpful concepts and ideas when critiquing art:

  1. The goal of critiquing is to help the artist grow, stretch and learn.
  2. When you critique, you give feedback that might help improve the art piece.
  3. Being honest, sincere and specific with your comments using the “praise sandwich” format can be an effective way
    of critiquing. (2 positive comments with a negative one in-between).
  4. Understanding the artist’s intention beforehand may save unnecessary critical comments.
  5. Accept comments as being constructive. Being defensive will only discourage anyone from making
    any comments at all about your work.
  6. When critiquing, take a good look at the art piece and ask yourself:
    • What are my first impressions?
    • What emotions or excitement does the piece invoke in me and why?
    • How can I be critical without being hurtful and condescending?
  7. Elements of composition can be discussed to help those present, both new and advanced in their skills; understanding
    and applying basic elements of composition can help to produce aesthetically pleasing art. These elements include the use of:
    • Line
    • Color
    • Shapes and forms
    • Texture
    • Perspective and proportions

Also ideas such as avoiding tangents, using strong and contrasting colors on your main focus, and creating tension and interest
by avoiding symmetrical composition can be discussed openly.

  1. The artist whose piece is being critiqued can ask for specific help and opinions, thanking those who comment in return.
  2. Don’t be afraid to make comments. Art is subjective with room for sharing a variety of constructive and helpful ideas.
  3. We can always learn from each other.